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WemberlySoft Drug Discovery Informatics

WemberlySoft is a body of effective software tools built specifically to support discovery efforts in biotech.
WemberlySoft consulting can work with your discovery team to implement custom solutions that are
pragmatic, easy to use, and are designed to make scientists more efficient and less error prone.

"InfoHammer": Discovery data web site

The “InfoHammer”: a web site for getting aggregated (averaged) assay data allowing quick assessment of compound activity and selectivity

Inventory for batches of compounds

Inventory for batches of compounds: do we have enough of compound 123 to run that PD assay?


KnowledgeManager: A central repository for reference information and annotation of literature references

Slide and Document Archeologists

Do you have thousands of PowerPoint slides on your shared drive, and don’t know where that one slide is that showed compound 1234567 inhibited target X? Do you have thousands of word and pdf documents, and you wish you were able to search them with GoogleDocs? The WemberlySoft toolkit allows custom solutions to these problems. For example, Windows Search or Safrari don’t know that we can refer to the same compound as DISCO0001234, DISCO1234, DISCO-1234, or DISCO 12345. The Archeologists can be customized to your drug naming conventions.

Lab Widgets

Lab Widgets: We have developed readers for lab balances, scintillation counters (you know that one you bought used, but only sends data to a dot matrix printer?), and even miniature temperature and light sensors for vivariums.

For more information, contact us at info@wemberlysoft.com.