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Wemberly Scientific Drug Discovery Consulting

Wemberly Scientific provides consulting in the areas of drug discovery as well as informatics for drug discovery.
Specialization of guidance for small biotechs where rapid and effective discovery must be delivered
with minimal resources and aggressive timelines.

Management of discovery programs

Extensive discovery in management of discovery programs, including target identification, hit discovery, hit generation, lead generation, selection and delivery of development candidates

Therapeutic specialization in metabolic diseases, gastrointestinal disorders.

Pragmatic approaches to discovery assays

We can provide guidance on assay selection, design, implementation, effective use of controls and benchmarks, data collection, processing and analysis.

Evaluation of running assays in house or out-sourcing

Alternatives for radioactive assays

Workflow analysis

Examining existing discovery workflows, and identifying approaches to improve the collection and processing of data (minimize cut & paste; eliminate typing of data/compound identifiers by hand)

For more information, contact us at info@wemberlysoft.com.